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Fifty Quick Ideas to Improve your User Stories

Need help to define better user stories?

Check this book. Really good techniques, to help you creating stories, planning, discussing, splittingĀ orĀ managing delivery in iteration.

Free sample available here.


Leading geeks

Just bought a copy of “Leading Geeks: How to Manage and Lead the People Who Deliver Technology” by Paul Glen, from eBay Giving Works. Looking forward to receiving!

A colleague mentioned it during a learning session around Agile Product Development for our Product Manager Associates Program at eBay Europe.

“[…] Glen’s insight is to treat high technology as a creative product produced by temperamental people who are a cross between artists and professionals. […]”

“[…] In today’s business climate, technology drives productivity, and competitiveness and ‘geeks’ drive technology. More than ever, geeks– those people who research, develop, design, build, test, install, and support technology– are a critical factor in every organization’s success. […]”

“[…] Leading Geeks clarifies the responsibilities and tasks of the geek leader and contrasts them to conventional approaches to leadership. Glen also shows you how to
* Motivate geeks to be productive
* Facilitate productivity within technical groups
* Represent geeks to the world outside the lab and cubicle
* Manage ambiguity to create an environment in which geeks and leaders thrive
* Structure groups of geeks to support an organization
Leading Geeks gives managers the tools they need to transform the chaos of the creative workplace into a coherent and compelling place for geeks to work.[…]”


The Principles of Product Development Flow

I started a new book this week called “The Principles of Product Development Flow“. So far, a really good introduction to lean product development and very well structured.


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