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Correctly-sized images for the device, an Introduction to Responsive Images

An Introduction to Responsive Images

Bruce Lawson @DrupalJam 2015 explaining how to Correctly-sized images for the device. This is a great and easily understandable talk to learn how to save bandwidth and speed up your site.

few quotes from Bruce presentation:

0.5 second delay = 20% drop in traffic (Google). 100ms delay = 1% decrease in sales (Amazon)

1 sec delay causes 7% drop in conversions (GlassesDirect)

5 sec improvement in page load time resulted in 5% – 12% increase in revenue (Shopzilla)

Ok? Now is the time to watch it :)

The article with Video and Slides on Bruce website


Design Lesson : Creating Marketing Homepages That Drive Results

Being quite busy with product & design reviews those days, i recently started to use in-vision to create some clickable prototypes or story boards myself. I encourage you to go and try out their awesome product and also check the great articles on their blog.

So, once i started to read about design, i landed on a design lessons available @ Skillshare, done by an in-vision designer.

This class is 60 minutes long and recap the basics of creating marketing homepage driving good results. From defining the goals to sketching with consideration for hierarchy and user patterns ; creating designs and collaborating and gathering feedback. This is really good to watch and goes back to basics.

check it out : Creating Marketing Homepages That Drive Results

Digital, Social & Mobile in 2015 from We Are Social

Free time ahead? Check this: internet, social media and mobile usage statistics from all over the world.

7 Things Every Designer Needs to Know about Accessibility

Don’t miss this great post on Medium about accessibility. That include lots of concrete example and tips that will lead to better products for all of your users.

“Don’t use color as the only visual means of conveying information.”

“Ensure sufficient contrast between text and its background.”

“Provide visual focus indication for keyboard focus.”

“Be careful with forms.”

“Don’t make people hover to find things.”

This is Product Management, podcast for product managers

Check out this series of podcast around product management.

User experience, statistics, innovation, differentiation, design, development, metrics, and more

Feature Audit? How many people use a feature, and how often.

“Every development team on earth has limited resources, knowing what users actually do in your product lets you focus your work on areas where it has impact.”

“Are all your users using all the features in your product? Of course they’re not. Let’s talk about that.”

Read this excellent article before you plan your product roadmap. This is about focusing your energy on what’s right!

My take aways:


then 4 choices:

  • Kill it: admit defeat, and start to remove it from your product
  • Increase the adoption rate: Get more people to use it
  • Increase the frequency: Get people to use it more often
  • Deliberately improve it: Make it quantifiably better for those who use it

Bring the donuts

Ken Norton’s talk at Berkeley’s Haas School of Business in November 2005 about leading cross functional teams.




How to get startups ideas?

The way to get startup ideas is not to try to think of startup ideas. It’s to look for problems, preferably problems you have yourself.

That’s it! Really cool article to read


Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets

Sass lets you use features that don’t exist in CSS yet like variables, nesting, mixins, inheritance and other nifty goodies that make writing CSS fun again.

Sass: Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets.

One Note Against Cancer

Last Monday was launched on eBay the APREC international charity campaign ‘One note Against Cancer’ sponsored by Kylie Minogue.

To support APREC (Alliance Pour la Recherche En Cancérologie) whom she’s the sponsor, the star Kylie Minogue proposes on eBay.fr the 4 408 notes of the score of her new song « Crystallize », exclusively created for the association and unveiled on the site www.onenoteagainstcancer.com.

This is the first time in the world that a song is the subject of a donation call – note by note – to the benefit of a charity association, and this happens on eBay.

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