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Feature Audit? How many people use a feature, and how often.

“Every development team on earth has limited resources, knowing what users actually do in your product lets you focus your work on areas where it has impact.”

“Are all your users using all the features in your product? Of course they’re not. Let’s talk about that.”

Read this excellent article before you plan your product roadmap. This is about focusing your energy on what’s right!

My take aways:


then 4 choices:

  • Kill it: admit defeat, and start to remove it from your product
  • Increase the adoption rate: Get more people to use it
  • Increase the frequency: Get people to use it more often
  • Deliberately improve it: Make it quantifiably better for those who use it

Algolia, search as a service

Algolia is a great startup proposing an easy way to index data for full text search, designed for object searches, via an API using JSON.

“It is a SaaS API dedicated to solving application and website developers’ struggles in providing end users with a fast, reliable, and relevant search feature.”

Check out this comparison with ElasticSearch.


Guide to Roadmapping

Great Video of Janna Bastow from ProdPad, guiding us through Roadmapping with ideas of process, outcomes & value of doing it.

Janna Bastow – Guide to Roadmapping from MindTheProduct on Vimeo.

What i got:

  • What is a roadmap?
    • “An artefact that communicates the direction you’ll be going in order to fulfill the product vision”.
  • How do i build one?
    • Finding your product vision:
      • WHAT : Our product is the only  (… Thing)
      • HOW : that  (… How is it doing that thing?)
      • WHO : for  (… For whom is it doing it?)
      • WHERE : in  (… What Market, what area are you targeting?)
      • WHY : who  (… Solves this problem better than all the rest)
      • WHEN : in the era of  (… What’s the market, what’s the opportunity, What’s the competition?)
    • What tactics for prioritization?
  • What will it look like?propad-roadmap-structure
    • Content:
      • Time Horizons (No Dates)
      • Strategic Initiates
      • Scope
      • Product Areas
    • Example:
    • Advice: Keep Roadmap & Release Plan Separate
      • Roadmap = Are we heading in the right direction?
      • Release Plan = Project Mgmt Tool. enough resource? when can get it out?
  • Who should see it?
    • who-see-roadmapLevel of details vs Type of initiatives (Internal > Public)
    • Showing Roadmap to customers is healthy!
      • Generate discussions, Gather feedback early
  • How do i overcome obstacles?
    • What if my execs really want to see dates?
      • Try giving indications short term (“If they ask for Month try Quarter”).
    • What if your vision isn’t clear?
      • It can’t, go back to it, make sure it’s signed off.


My first automation script with Selenium IDE

This morning, i decided to deep dive in Test Automation to better understand what it means for Quality Engineers to write regression tests.

Selenium allows to automate browsers just like a real customer using an app. This is Graphical user interface testing, generating user interface events such as keystrokes or mouse clicks.

There are many approaches to test automation (Code-driven testing, API driven testing) but i feel closer to user experience than classes, modules,  libraries or API interfaces.

After reading about selenium tools, i decided to give a try using Selenium IDE (A firefox add-on allowing to do simple record-and-playback of interactions with the browser). Installing the add-on is just a matter of minutes, but to playback what you record, you’ll need to install Selenium Server.

The Selenium IDE add-on is quite simple. you’re able to record while using a website. You can then edit your action using a simple UI.

My first script is to automate the creation of a classified post on “Le Bon Coin”.

The script on the screen-shot bellow will

  1. open the base URL : http://www.leboncoin.fr
  2. Click on the France Map region “Ile de France”
  3. Type my username and password so that i’m authenticated
  4. Click the link to access the create an ad form
  5. Select the right category in the corresponding dropdown
  6. Type my ad Title, Description & Price
  7. Upload 2 pictures
  8. Click validate button
  9. Tick the accept conditions box on the next page before publishing the add.


This example doesn’t publish the ad, but if you get the idea, this is really easy to add.

You can then save your script, play it back, Edit it if you need:

That’s it… So what?

Think about using your product, identifying issues, visualizing use cases, specification by example, … your demos.

On the video above, i had to cut about 30 seconds while uploading the pictures. Maybe something “Le Bon Coin” could look into to increase conversion 😉



A/B testing made easy?

With Optimizely, you don’t need to be a coder to implement a test and get actionable data. Take action and make changes now :)


Need design lessons?

Hackdesign is an easy way to follow design course. Just start with lesson 1 : “What is design? Why is it important?” and extend to Responsive design, Typography, User Experience Design, Rapid Prototyping and much more!



If this then that

Just in case you don’t know about IFTTT (really??). IFTTT lets you create powerful connections with one simple statement.

Give a try … yes, you’re addict :)


Go, Continuous delivery software

Want to fail fast? Your product team should check this out. Go is an advanced Continuous Integration and Release Management system. It takes an innovative approach to managing the build, test and release process.


Jeditable – Edit In Place Plugin For jQuery

Nice “Edit In Place” plugin for jquey

Check the demo here or here.

Jeditable - Edit In Place Plugin For jQuery

via Jeditable – Edit In Place Plugin For jQuery.

Visual Collaboration for Creative People

Looking for a way to collaborate remotely?

Mural.ly is a really nice online whiteboard to visually organize ideas and collaborate.

I’m using Mural.ly more and more when running remote meeting. You have some nice templates like calendars, business model or lean canvas. Everything around sticky notes is really easy and fast. You can run retrospective with multiple users interacting .. etc

Check it out! Mural.ly – Visual Collaboration for Creative People.

Mural.ly - Visual Collaboration for Creative People

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