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Pair the design and content

Hey, long time no see! Here is a nice post on inVision blog (worth reading) to illustrate the need of design and content paring early in the creative process. This is key to develop a compelling story visually and verbally.

Write less say more


“Focus on the user and all else will follow”

Google embrace that principle in their design. Google Design site explore how they go about it. You’ll find good tips about Animation, Styling, Layouts, Components, Patterns or Usability, plus some downloadable ressources.  Good link to send to your designers if they don’t know it already. Also good for any Product Manager to understand why that matters.



25 Mobile design principles

Nop, it’s not just about shrinking design from desktop to mobile 😉
Delight the mobile consumer with 25 Mobile design principles from Google I/O 2014 for better experience and more conversion.

Watch the video down bellow


Home Page & Navigation

    • Keep calls-to-action front and center
    • Keep menus short and sweet
    • Make it easy to get back to the homepage

Site Search

  • Make site search visible
  • Ensure site search results are relevant
  • Implement filters to narrow results
  • Guide users to better site search results (questions up-front to pull away un-relevant results)

Commerce & Conversions

  • Let users explore before they commit
  • Let users purchase as a guest
  • Pick up where you left off

Optimizing Form Entry

  • Design efficient forms
  • Using pre-existing information
  • Streamline information entry (contextual keyboard)
  • Minimize form errors with labeling
  • Provide visual calendars for dates
  • Real-time validation of forms

Site-Wide Design Considerations

  • Don’t make users pinch-to-zoom (bit.ly/responsive-basics)
  • Tappable / Expandable images
  • Be clear why you need a user’s location
  • Keep your users in a single browser window
  • Don’t let promotions steal the show
  • Optimize your entire site for mobile

Jenny Gove @ Google I/O 2014



Designers replacing Documentation with Prototyping

This writing explain why designers are replacing Documentation with Prototyping. I completely agree with that approach. Use them to test early and be even more successful!



Why You Only Need to Test with 5 Users

Great article from Jackob Nielsen which was mentioned a in UX workshop i attended today with from Nielsen Norman Group.

Usability tests are a waste of resources? This explain best results come from testing no more than 5 users and running many small tests. Good to have those details when people are not convinced of cost/benefit.


The new me is beauty

Must see, so true and such a great talk. Dan Normal explaining 3 ways good design makes you happy.


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