Just bought a copy of “Leading Geeks: How to Manage and Lead the People Who Deliver Technology” by Paul Glen, from eBay Giving Works. Looking forward to receiving!

A colleague mentioned it during a learning session around Agile Product Development for our Product Manager Associates Program at eBay Europe.

“[…] Glen’s insight is to treat high technology as a creative product produced by temperamental people who are a cross between artists and professionals. […]”

“[…] In today’s business climate, technology drives productivity, and competitiveness and ‘geeks’ drive technology. More than ever, geeks– those people who research, develop, design, build, test, install, and support technology– are a critical factor in every organization’s success. […]”

“[…] Leading Geeks clarifies the responsibilities and tasks of the geek leader and contrasts them to conventional approaches to leadership. Glen also shows you how to
* Motivate geeks to be productive
* Facilitate productivity within technical groups
* Represent geeks to the world outside the lab and cubicle
* Manage ambiguity to create an environment in which geeks and leaders thrive
* Structure groups of geeks to support an organization
Leading Geeks gives managers the tools they need to transform the chaos of the creative workplace into a coherent and compelling place for geeks to work.[…]”