Source: image from┬áSteve Rogalsky’s blog

Product backlog is sometimes really difficult to read when it comes to understanding the user’s experience we’re busy building. This technique will allow to agree and focus on the big story, aka essential activities the application supports.

User Story Mapping is a group exercise to organize user’s stories based on experience by identifying activities (similar tasks, by the same people whith similar goals). Activities are sticked on a time line from left to right allowing to discuss the steps of the process as a group activity. Tasks are grouped under each activity ; you can also capture sub-tasks or details under the relevant tasks. Once done, you can move tasks up and down depending on their necessity, highest priority on top like P/B.

I’ve been using user story mapping for several projects. See bellow a workshop for a product kickoff in eBay HQ in Berlin with business representatives, users, user experience designers & engineers.


To learn more about Story Mapping and how to make it work, visit Jeff Patton website.